How to get a Business Email Address for Free

In this article, I’ll show you how you can setup a free e-mail address for your business. Note that you will need to have purchased a domain name previously for this to work. I personally use OnlyDomains to buy domain names. If you’re in Australia I often recommend VentraIP.

Setting up a free business mail account is not something I would normally recommend to my clients, but I understand that there are scenarios where it may make more sense for you to not pay for a business e-mail address.

Keep in mind that if your e-mail address is free to you, you are usually paying for it in another way.

How exactly you’re paying for it depends on the provider and you will need to go through their latest terms and conditions to find out. It really varies across different providers, but to give some examples, think sharing of your personal data, entry stage sales funnels, or you may be paying for it as part of a bigger package (for example if you have your email account with the same provider as your web hosting). You might just be paying for it by a lack of security features and customer support when you need it.

Whatever it may be, I would recommend you to put some thought to it in consideration with your long term business plan, as it can be a frustrating experience to change your e-mail provider further down the track.

What I personally do

Personally speaking, I have both paid and unpaid e-mail accounts for different businesses/projects. If it’s a business with:

  • many transactional e-mails,
  • one where many newsletters are sent out, or
  • one that deals with personal & payment data,

I exclusively use secure & proven providers with a monthly fee. In my case that’s typically GSuite.

If I just need a professional business e-mail for a short term project where I don’t expect e-mail to play a big role, I tend to use free accounts too and I’ve tried multiple across the bank. So, in my case that’s setting them up with web hosting providers, or using the free account with Zoho.

Now, all that said, here are two quick & easy options to get a free business email address:

Zoho Mail

Zoho lets you create a free ad-free business email with calendar, tasks, notes, and bookmarks. It takes a bit of focus to find as you need to scroll past their paid plans, or you can just follow this link to get there.

1. Select the Forever Free Plan (bottom left)

Zoho Free Email Setup Step 1

2. Insert the name of the domain you already own

Zoho Free Email Setup Step 2

3. Create your account

4. Verify your phone number & setup multi-factor authentication to secure your account

5. Next, you’ll need to verify your domain ownership. To do this, you’ll need to head over to the website of your domain name provider and find the DNS settings. Zoho has detailed instructions on how to do this here.

6. The last step is to configure your MX records in your DNS settings so that you can receive e-mails to your new email address. This process varies a bit depending on who your hosting provider is, however Zoho has a guide with specific instructions for many providers here: Configure Email Delivery – Update MX records.

Free E-Mail Account through your Hosting Provider

You can often create a free e-mail address through your hosting provider. Below I’ll share with you some examples that I have personal experience with.


If you host your website with Siteground, you can create a free e-mail account through their dashboard.

Here’s how this works:

1. Log into your Siteground account

2. Go to Websites in the top header menu

Siteground Free Email Setup Step 1

3. Select your website and click Site Tools

Siteground Free Email Setup Step 2

4. In the side-menu, select Email -> Accounts

5. Type in your preferred Account Name in the Create New Email Account section

Siteground Free Email Setup Step 3

6. Once your account has been created, click on the three dots below Actions, then Log in to Webmail

7. Test incoming and outgoing emails -> Send an email to your new address, and send an email from your new address

8. That’s it – You just created a free email account with Siteground

(Note this will only work if you didn’t change your DNS settings to host your mail elsewhere previously)

A2 Hosting | cPanel

If you’re with a hosting provider where you access cPanel, such as A2 Hosting, you can set up a quick and easy domain-based free e-mail account too.

1. Log into your account, then click cPanel Login.

A2 Hosting Free Email Setup Step 1

2. Scroll down to the Email section & click Email Accounts

A2 Hosting Free Email Setup Step 2

3. Click on + Create

A2 Hosting Free Email Setup Step 2

4. Select your domain, insert the username you want to use, set your password and click + Create

5. That’s it – you can now click Check Email to access your inbox. Send an email from this account and send an email to this account to make sure that incoming and outgoing emails are working.

(Note this will only work if you didn’t change your DNS settings to host your mail elsewhere previously)